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Yar Ragapaw Brazil


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Coffee Profile

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Region Information

Regions: Cerrado
Altitude: 1200 meters
Farmer: Luis Carlos Torres Zuñiga
Farm Size: Daterra Coffee
Variety: Laurina + Aramosa
Harvest: September - February
Processing: Natural anaerobic fermentation

Region: We’re located in the state of Minas Gerais, the largest coffee-producing state in Brazil.
Our region is the Cerrado: it has dry weather and very well-defined rain seasons, which is great
for coffee because it allows for more weather stability and predictability. We have warm
humid rain seasons in spring and summer (September through February) which are perfect for
flowering and cherry development. We are also blessed with a chillier dry season in autumn
and winter (March through August) which is great for cherry maturation, harvesting and
processing. Our farms are located around 1200 masl.

Varietals: Yar Ragapaw is a blend of two very unique varietals – Laurina and Aramosa. These
varietals are usually presented solo, however, during harvest, our quality team noticed how
these two distinct lots had very complimentary characteristics: the floral aromatics of Aramosa
perfectly matches Laurina’s tropical fruits profile.

Aramosa is a crossbreed between Coffea Arabica and Coffea Racemosa (which is a non-
commercial coffee species). Breeding these species resulted in a plant with higher resistance

to draughts and to the leaf miner insect, but with good flavor. Basically, Aramosa inherited a
few resistances from Racemosa while maintaining the great drink quality of Arabica.
The seeds arrived in Daterra through our partnership with the Agronomic Institute of Campinas,
which is a reference in coffee research. We planted our first Aramosa on our genetic
experimentation field – an area 100% dedicated to testing and researching new and
uncommon varietals with currently over 100 varietals under test. On our very first harvesting,
a very grateful surprise – the beans made super flowery and sweet drinks. Because of its
great quality, we gradually expanded our Aramosa areas and experimented with its
processing. This coffee has less caffeine content than regular arabica beans – around 0.7% of

Laurina is a rare varietal from the Reunion Islands, also known as Bourbon LC or Bourbon
Pointu due to its odd tree and bean shape – the trees have a conical shape while the beans
are small and pointy on the edges. Laurina has a smaller caffeine index in comparison to
other arabica varietals, which makes it more difficult to grow: caffeine acts on the plant as
a natural insecticide, and the reduced content makes the plant more fragile and less
productive. Daterra’s Laurina has been adapted to our own terroir after many years of
research in our genetic study field.






Dattera Farm


Natural anaerobic fermentation

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Aramosa, Laurina


Beans, Ground